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Over the years I have had the immense pleasure, honor and privilege of working and collaborating with so many talented and gifted creative individuals. On every project I have learned something, if not many things and hopefully shared and given back in equally as generous ways as I have received. I have been fortunate enough to have experiences in almost every type of working scenario I have set out to engage in within this challenging business. My company and myself continue to look for new endeavors and talented individuals to collaborate with and to provide creative and technical service.
- Spyros Poulos, Owner, Logic Music Inc.

Spyros Poulos has Worked, Performed and/or Recorded With:

Celine Dion
Billy Joel
Phil Ramone
Taylor Dayne
Mariah Carey
Debbie Gibson
Brian Harding*
Dave Valentin
T-Bone Wolk*
Rick Derringer
Liquid Tension Experiment & John Petrucci
David Baker*
John "The Cat" Gatto
Billy Mann
Felix Cavaliere of The Young Rascals
Tony Visconti
Tony Visconti
Louis Bertignac
Ric Wake
Daniel Abraham
Peter Allen*
George Dalaras
Me'shell Ndegeocello
Chaka Khan
Paul Anka
Burr Johnson
Elliot Wolff
Simon Shaheen
Al Di Meola
Paul Manchin
Kathy Troccoli
Richie Cannata
Candice Night & Richie Blackmore
Bob Cadway*
Joe Lynn Turner
Rachel Z
Frank Filipetti
John "The Cat" Gatto
John Patitucci
Barry Miles
Al Pitrelli
Arti Tisi
Al Greenwood (Foreigner)
Phoebe Snow
Dave Koz
Billy Preston*
The Impalas
Gerry Beckly (America)
Michael Bolton
Vito & The Salutations
The Paramounts
Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Broken Arrow
Hernan Romero
Urban Rhythm
Pixie Lott

* - In memory of those who are no longer with us, but gave so much while here.

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Select Industry Highlights for Spyros Poulos

» Awarded RIAA certified Double Platinum plaque for studio work with Madonna, 1994
    Maverick Records, "Bedtime Stories." Credited with over 8 million units sold worldwide

» National touring credit as music director and keyboardist for Kathy Troccoli, Geffen
    Records 1991-1993

» Multiple credit listing as Engineering, Mixing, Midi Programming, Editing and Sound
    Design across five different solo albums from guitar legend Al Di Meola

» Composed closing theme for Dateline NBC prime time television show 2006-2007 seasons

» Network Television performance as keyboardist, music director with Kathy Troccoli on
    "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" 1991

» Caesar's Palace Las Vegas: residence performances as keyboardist, music director with
    Jay Leno and Kathy Troccoli 1992

» Four time "SESAC Honors, Television and Film Composers Award" recipient

» Producer, Arranger, Keyboardist and Recording Engineer of #1 song in Greece, "To Palto"
    from "The Running Roads" by George Dalaras, EMI Records 2000

» Performing Keyboardist with Trans Siberian Orchestra

» Keyboardist for regional NY area acts Mazarin, Broken Arrow, Rusty Lane, music
    director/keyboards for Paul King and The Nobleman Orchestras, Vito and the Salutations,
    The Impalas, The Prowlers and many others spanning 25 plus years of freelance performing
    on keyboards and piano

» Performing Keyboardist on Michael Bolton "Time Love & Tenderness" 1991 tour,
    performances with Kathy Troccoli and select Michael Bolton performances

» Musical Director & Keyboardist with Kathy Troccoli touring as opening act for "Color Me
    Badd", "Little River Band", "Kenny Loggins", "Kris Kross", "Petra", "Michael W. Smith",
    "Rob Base"

» Grammy nominated best engineer (non classical category, preliminary nominee) Al Di
    Meola, "Winter Nights", Telarc International Records 1999

» Billboard top 10 listing on Al Di Meola's "Consequence Of Chaos" recording engineer,
    Tellarc International Records 2007, CD debuted and held the #9 position on U.S. Billboard
    Jazz chart

» 1992-1993 "Marquis Who's Who in Entertainment" professional listing

» Composed, Produced, Licensed and Published original music composition in 2008
    National Advertising TV and Radio campaign for Martha Stewart

» Produced audio content, talent casting, voice over production, recording, editing and
    mixing on over 40 radio and television spots for 1-800-Flowers.com, Jim McCann and
    Martha Stewart for 1-800-Flowers.com

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Music Composition & Production for Television and Media

Spyros Poulos and Logic Music have composed, produced and has had published over two thousand unique titles used daily in broadcast television, cable television, digital media, radio and film worldwide. All titles written or co-written, recorded, produced and mixed by Spyros Poulos for Logic Music Inc.

Logic Music Inc. generates and produces music daily for television through music publisher and custom music library Beach Street Music LTD.

Logic Music and staff regularly compose and produce custom production music on demand for their varied clients. Usages vary from television commercials, radio spots, background underscore, corporate and industrial applications, web sites, promos, logos and themes. Styles vary from, ambient, rock, funk, world, country, dance, high energy, mystery and tension, urban, upbeat motivational and every emotion in between.

A partial listing of television shows, companies and clients that have used and continue to use music from the Logic Music Inc. catalog:

Northwest Airlines
Michael Jackson: Man In The Mirror
America's Most Wanted
Maury Povich
Wife Swap
1-800 Flowers.com
Martha Stewart for 1-800 Flowers.com
Date Line NBC, Closing Theme 2006 & 2007
Access Hollywood
Inside Edition
Inside Edition Weekend
Teen Kids News
Home Delivery
Geraldo At Large
The Jane Pauley Show
Montel Wiliams
Crossing Over With John Edwards
The John Walsh Show
Judge Hatchett
The Bachelor
Life And Style
Live In Hollywood
The Olympic Games
Marist College
Otis Elevators
Living Dangerously: National Geographic Explorer
Trails Of Intrigue: National Geographic Explorer
Beyond With James Van Praagh
Ricki Lake Show
Street Smarts
Sally Jesse Raphael
Geraldo Rivera Show
Ananda Lewis Show
Crime Scene
Dirty Dancing
Ice T's Rap School
Change Of Heart
Dr. Keith Ablow Show
Fox Report With Shepard Smith
The Greg Behrendt Show
TV One Access
Dirty Dancing
Fox News
A Shot At Love with Tila Tequila, MTV
L.A. Ink
Street Court
Dr. Oz
The Steve Wilkos Show
The Morning Show With Mike and Juliet
Dance Your Ass Off
The Military Channel, Air Combat
The Tom Joyner Show
Tool Academy

Domestic and International performances of television and film compositions from Logic Music Inc. have been tracked by various international performing rights organizations as broadcast and performed in these countries:

United States
Puerto Rico
United Kingdom
South Africa
New Zeland

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Corporate Audio Production

Logic Music Inc. has composed, produced, recorded, edited and mixed music, sound effects, audio content, voice-overs for commercials, videos productions and industrials for clients, production companies and advertising agencies such as:

Wal-Mart Corporation
Martha Stewart
Toyota Corporation
Northwest Airlines
Acclaim Entertainment
Sirius XM Satellite
Young And Rubicam
Brother International Corporation
PC Richards & Sons
Electrolux Corporation
Bethpage Federal Credit Union
EGC Group
Marist College
DCAP Insurance
Beach House Advertising
Otis Elevators
1-800 Flowers.com
Connect 7 Productions

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Product Specialist and Clinician

Spyros has performed and demonstrated at many NAMM, AES and CES conventions and national retail clinic tours. He has functioned as a product specialist and design consultant for manufactures such as Novation, Fatar, Quik-lok, Farfisa, Blue Chip Music Technology, Axon and Studio Logic. He was contracted by Music Industries Corp. to write the owners manuals for the Studio Logic series of master keyboard controllers for the FATAR product line in 1995.

He currently stays on the cutting edge of music and audio related technology and has had articles, interviews and reviews printed in publications such as MIX Magazine and Pro Sound News. He is currently involved in developing and offering instructional and clinic programs.

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Studio Design and Systems Installation

Logic Music Inc. has consulted on and designed and installed Recording Studios, Production Rooms, MIDI Systems and Recording & Sound systems for many independent artists, recording studios, publishing companies, houses of worship, producers and writers.

We've designed and installed for several high profile artists and producers as well as many private, independent and commercial facilities.

Some of our clients for design, installation and studio construction are:

Debbie Gibson, Electric Blue Studios
Al Di Meola, Churchill Recording
Grammy Award Winning Producer of the Year Ric Wake
The Dream Factory NYC
Cove City Sound Studios
Tiki Recording
Trick Shot Rehearsal and Recording
The Fist Factory
K Studios
Pipeline Studios
Greek Orthodox Church Of The Resurrection

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» Voting Member of "The Recording Academy" NARAS (The Grammy Awards)

» Member of the NARAS, Producers and Engineers Wing, New York Chapter

» Current Performing Rights Organization songwriter affiliation with SESAC

» Former BMI and ASCAP songwriter affiliation

» BMI Music Publisher as Althena Alexis Music B.M.I.

» Local 802 AFM Musicians Union member

» 1992-1993 "Marquis Who's Who in Entertainment" professional listing

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» Piano, violin, saxophone, voice, music theory studies and instruction since age 7

» High School and College music major with degrees in piano, music and performance

» Freelance professional local, regional and touring keyboardist, pianist, music
    director, session musician since 1976

» Piano Keyboard technician for "Dyno My Piano," Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric
    piano conversions and acoustic piano rebuilding early 80's

» Freelance programmer and arranger, sound designer since 1985

» Freelance studio design consultant, systems design and studio installation since 1985

» Freelance engineer and producer and Owner/Operator of independent music and
    audio production company Logic Music Inc. since 1986

» Product Specialist, Design Consultant and Clinician for Music Industries
    Corporation 1991-1999

» Published internationally as composer of music for television and film
    since 1994

» Owner of BMI Publishing Company D.B.A., Athena Alexis Music B.M.I. 1995

» Held staff positions as programmer/engineer and arranger at TIKI Recording
    Studios Inc., Cove City Sound Studios, The Dream Factory NYC, Pipeline
    Recording Studios, Ric Wake's W&R Group Publishing Company

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Select Discography

Al Di Meola
Consequence Of Chaos
2006 Telarc Records
Credit: Recording Engineer
(Debut position at No. 9 on US Billboard Jazz Chart)

Ethan Meixsell
Pathos and Logos
2009 M3 Music
Credit: Keyboards, Producer, Engineering, Editing and Mixing

Christmas Break
Relaxing Jazz For The Holidays
2006 Telarc Records
Credit: Engineer and Mixing

The Relaxing Jazz Guitar
2007 Telarc Records
Credit: Engineer

Eren Cannata
Blame It On The City
2007 Brown Dog Records
Credit: Keyboards / Hammond Organ

Jill Talve
Take A Walk With Me
2007 JT Music Inc.
Credit: Co-Producer, Keyboards, Recording & Mix Engineer

Ken Flagg
The End Of Suffering
2009 Incurable Eclectic Records
Credit: Engineer

Frank Rendo
Deliver Me
2009 Frank Rendo Music
Credit: Keyboards, Programming & Arranging

John Signorello
Hey Man, Merry Christmas
2006 Brown Dog Records
Credit: Programming

Sean Grace
New Frontiers
2003 NCA Records
Credit: Mix Engineer

Candice Night
Alone With Fate / Call It Love
2002 Minstrel Hall Music/ Blackmore's Night
Credit: Producer, Keyboards, Programming & Arranging

I'm Yours, Desert Roses and Arabian Rhythms, Vol 1
2001 Ark21 Records
Credit: Keyboards, Programming & Engineering

Christine Haley
Six Thousand Stories
2001 Emarald City Publishing, Rocco Blu Productions
Credit: Arranger, Keyboards, Programming, Engineer

Ellen Woloshin
Tried & True
2000 58th Street Records
Credit: Album Producer, Arranger, Keyboards, Recording Engineer

George Dalaras
The Very Best Of George Dalaras
2000 ARK21 / Mondo Melodia Records
Credit: Recording Engineer, Editing

George Dalaras
The Running Roads
2001 Ark 21 Records, US Release
#1 Record in Greece in 2000 - Guest appearance from Sting and Al Di Meola
Credit: Producer, Arranging, Keyboards, Programming and Recording & Mix Engineer

The Burr Johnson Band
1999 Burr Johnson Records
Credit: Recording and Mix Engineer

Liquid Tension
Experiment "2"
John Petrucci, Tony Levin, Jordan Rudess, Mike Portnoy
1998 Magna Carta Records
Credit: Recording Engineer

Steve Vai
Merry Axemas Vol 2
1998 Sony Records
Credit: Programming, Engineering & Mixing

Al Di Meola
Winter Nights
1999 Telarc Records
Credit: Album Engineer, Programming, Editing, Sound Design, Mixing
Grammy preliminary nomination (best engineer, non classical category)

Eileen Ivers
Crossing The Bridge
1999 Sony Classical Records
Credit: Engineer

Al Di Meola
The Infinite Desire
1998 Telarc Records
Credit: Album Engineer, Programming, Editing, Sound Design & Mix Engineer

Primitive Puppet
1998 J-Bird Records
Credit: Album Producer, Recording Engineer

Al Di Meola
Di Meola Plays Piazzolla
1996 Mesa / Bluemoon Records
Credit: Programming & Engineer

Bedtime Stories
1994 Maverick Records
Credit: Programming & Recording Engineer
Awarded RIAA Triple Platinum, 3 Million Units
Billboard #3 Debut In The US & #1 in Australia and Brazil
8 Million Records Sold Worldwide
1995 Grammy Nominated "Best Pop Vocal Album"

Louis Bertignac
Elle et Louis
1993 Sony International Records
Credit: Keyboards, Acoustic Piano

Debbie Gibson
Body Mind Soul
1992 Atlantic Records
Credit: Programming & Engineering

Tonto Tonto
Mirror For The Blame
1992 Victory Records
Credit: Keyboards, Hammond Organ

Peter Allen
Making Every Moment Count
1990 RCA Victor/BMG Records
Credit: Programming & Keyboards

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