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Recording Facilities

Tiki Recording Studios
Fred Guarino - TikiRecording.com
A wonderful established recording and mastering facility run by my colleague and friend Fred Guarino. Many years of experience as a seasoned engineer and studio owner make him the favorite choice for myself on many projects and for many others as well.

Cove City Sound Studios
Richie Cannata, Owner - Cove City Sound Studios
World-class studio with 2 SSL rooms and a very large recording room, great for tracking drums and ensemble recording. Many hit records have come out of this studio.

Paul Antonel - ClubHouseInc.com
An absolute wonderful facility, in upstate Rheinbeck, New York, run by a great guy and wonderful staff. Neve console, great gear and recording spaces. Adjacent ďbandĒ house great for overnight stays and lockout album tracking dates!

Professional Services

Graphic Design
Jan Guarino - GuarinoGraphics.com
Top-notch graphic design, album artwork, logos, brochures, etc. You name it Jan can design it with class. Very personal, professional and detailed service.

Entertainment Law
Anthony J. Gallo - (516) 342-5880 - BrownDogRecords.net
I highly recommend Anthony J. Gallo, Esq. for general legal practice & entertainment law. Can assist with and negotiate contracts, publishing, copyright issues and in many other areas in and out of entertainment law. Partners in an independent music label Brown Dog Records also.

Architects / Planners A.I.A.
Bentel & Bentel - BentelAndBentel.com
A very established wonderful architectural and design firm in Locust Valley, NY.

Music Retailer
Ron Daniel - 1 (800) 222-4700 Ext. 1233 - Sweetwater.com
I have been purchasing gear from Sweetwater and Ron for years. Great service and very knowledgeable. Ron will take good care of you! You need it, you call him and it shows up at your door the next day or day after. No tax and usually free shipping too!


Performance Coaching
Rose Gunter - (516) 801-3098 - Rose Gunter Music
A wonderful performance coach for singers and actors. Teaches from Sea Cliff, NY.

Piano / Music Instruction
Robyn Chase - (516) 328-7961
Robyn is a wonderful musician, teacher, composer and music director at Paris Entertainment who has been performing and teaching piano for years. Will travel to you. Great with kids!

Guitar / Bass / Vocals / Music Theory
Ethan Meixsell - (631) 651-9181
Ethan is a masterful musician and producer. Can teach on so many levels, a very gifted and well-educated instructor.


Ethan Meixsell - ethan.meixsell@gmail.com
A great studio musician, producer, engineer, composer and arranger. A huge asset on any project, any style of music. Mainly a guitarist but an accomplished, bass player, vocalist, drummer, clinician and engineer/producer/writer/artist.

Mick Gaffney - mickgaff@aol.com
A true veteran and highly seasoned guitarist/arranger with an amazing track record and history as both a studio and live player.

Hernan Romero - romeromusic1@gmail.com
An amazing Flamenco and jazz guitarist that I have worked with on numerous Al Di Meola records.

Rose Gunter Music - rosegunter@optonline.net
An entertainer, stylist, vocalist extraordinaire unique beyond comparison. An accomplished producer/writer in many mediums of artistic expression.

Al Di Meola
Al really needs no introduction. Al has re-enforced in me to always strive for something better and if it feels not good enough then itís not so keep going till it is and make sure you innovate along the way!

Debra Austin Tuscano
A wonderful songwriter, artist, vocalist and actress. Her spirit is always uplifting and she brings a great vibe to any project.

Elana Hayden
An amazing vocalist with a very seasoned instrument, a sweetheart to have on a session.

Rich Tozzoli
A great producer, writer, musician and surround mixer with a ton of experience.

Gumbi Ortiz
Latin percussion at itís finest! A freakin maniac if you are lucky enough to have him on a session or a gig.

Stefanie K
A very talented visionary singer songwriter who is a gem to collaborate with.

Deena Miller
A huge presence musically with an incredibly versatile voice for any style of music or voice-over. A talent on so many levels as a professional musician, vocalist, writer, performer and artist.

Angela Workman
Sweet as honey with a celestial voice and spirit to match. Toured with Ray Charles as a Raylet for many years, need I say more? A great session singer, writer and solo performer as well as a wonderful back up singer.

Bill Messinetti - centralparkmusic@aol.com
Drums extraordinaire and runs and owns a highly professional entertainment office with many bands and talent to offer.

Mark Newman
Has played guitar with everyone it seems like. A great musician, writer and producer. Solid and always in the pocket.

Music Publishing

Beach Street Music
David Catalano - Beach Street Music
Custom music library and publisher.

Video Production / Producer Director

Connect 7 Productions
Bob Nastasi - Connect 7 Productions
Video production, producing, directing and editing at itís finest. An industry professional in broadcast and industrial video production.

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Julio Fernandez
(Spyro Gyra)

I have worked with Spyros on many different projects in the past and it has always been a pleasure to work with him. He's an amazing musician and producer that always brings the best to the project at hand.

Debra "Austin" Toscano
(Vocalist National Anthem & America The Beautiful for: US Tennis Open, NY Jets, Giants, Mets, Knicks. Actress/Singer Off Broadway/National Tour: "Girls Night," "Sister's Christmas Catechism," "The Boychick Affair")

Spyros is a master in the studio! He is a tremendous musician who I have had the pleasure of working with on many projects... my own, and other artists projects as well. I have been in the business a very long time and have worked with many wonderful engineers and producers in my time, but the minute I met Spyros I knew that moving forward, he would be the only engineer/producer that I would ever want to or need to work with again.
He has a unique way about him in making you feel completely comfortable in the studio while either writing music or laying down tracks or getting great vocals. And in doing so, you walk away from the session accomplishing what you set out to do. He cares about your project as if it was his own, and settles for nothing less than perfection for you as an artist because he is a perfectionist himself! He makes the sessions fun and he is so easy to work with. You never want the session to end!
Oh, and if you are lucky, he will grace your tracks with his piano playing... amazing... simply amazing!

Inge Jannen
Tiki Recording, Studio Manager/Music Journalist

Having worked with Spyros Poulos for many years at Tiki Recording Studios, I can attest to Spyros' capabilities as a dedicated and talented musician. He continues to expand and deepen his professional repertoire as writer, arranger and producer and in live performance.
Spyros can be counted on to apply himself with creativity and passion to his musical projects ó and to deliver the goods!
- Inge Jannen

Larry Dember
Director Of Production, State Theatre of New Jersey
(Former A&R Director, Production Director, Tour Manager, FOH Mixer, Owner and Builder of LI Rocks and LI Rocks West Studios, The Rockwood, Strong Island Events WLIR, VP & General Manager Vudu Studios)

Having been in the music business for over 35 years, I have had the opportunity to work with many engineers/musicians/producers. I can count on one hand the true virtuosos that have the attitude, ears, talent and intuitiveness that Spyros Poulos exudes. I would not think twice about recommending Spyros for any type of musical project, especially since he can compose, play, produce and mix.

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