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April 2010

April was a busy month here at Logic Music! We are glad the winter is over and the projects seem to be coming out of hibernation en force!

The first big news I would like to mention is that www.logic-music.com now is happy to announce our new website hosting and development team at Alkon Consulting Group, Inc.! We are very happy to be working with Al, Michael, Jane and crew and look forward to new and exciting developments here at our website! Thanks guys for making our transition over to your servers seamless!
Anne Regina Special thanks to producer John Gatto and artist Anne Regina on finishing the musical arrangement and recorded track here for the new single and upcoming Anne Regina album! Anne and John are now doing some additional production work over at Tiki Recording with our long time friend & collaborator Fred Guarino at the console there. Spyros did all the programming, arranging and recording here in Digital Performer but delivered the tracks to Fred in the Pro Tools format. We are looking forward to continuing work on this great project and Anne's upcoming release. As always, it's a pleasure having Anne Regina & Cat Track Productions here in the studio!

By the way John Gatto and fellow band mates the Good Rats put on a really great show at BB Kings in NYC on April 16th. You guys rock harder then ever after all these years!
Stephanie K finished another track here at Logic Music Inc. this past month. This one was collaboration with daughter Michelle on music, lyrics and vocals. Logic Music brought in star rapper Luis Vega to handle the heavy lifting on this track! Luis did a great job for us on this session. We are looking forward to Stefanie’s next song production slated to start here in May!

We want to congratulate Luis Vega and J. Parka for their upcoming opening slot with Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston at Madison Square Garden on August 31, 2010! Holy crap, nice gig boys!
Luis Vega on Stefanie K Session
Debra Austin Toscano Spyros handled engineering on a mastering project for singer/songwriter/actress Debra Austin Toscano. We re-mastered a collection of Debra’s songs to be released shortly. We also want to congratulate Debra on her run with the musical Girls Night Out now in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand.

Debra has also been producing a new arrangement and recording with Spyros on her classic composition "Let Me Love You." This track is coming out great and we will be including it on her upcoming independent release.

On another note Spyros and Debra are in pre-production on a new album of all jazz standards and classic covers. This project will be produced and recorded with all live players. What a concept! We are all very excited to start rehearsals as soon as Debra comes in off the road!
Spyros has been in negotiation with the folks over at The Alexander Technique for an upcoming tutorial and instructional series to be produced and recorded here shortly.
Classic Irish singer Andy Cooney is looking to have Logic Music transcribe a set of charts for his live show and touring band. Andy now on tour will be performing and producing a show locally here on June 3rd with Crystal Gayle and Larry Gatlin at the Theatre At Westbury.
Frank Verdi continues his technology and production training with Spyros here at Logic Music. Frank is learning how to produce and record his original jazz compositions using the Yamaha Motif as well as learning other studio production techniques here at Logic Music Inc.
Spyros continues this month to write and produce original music for CBS 48 Hours, Dateline NBC and Access Hollywood as well as other contributions to the Beach Street Music catalog. Also in production is an album of hard rock/heavy metal material for use on shows like LA Ink., with guitar ace Ethan Meixsell.
Spyros is available to take on students who wish to learn and study the ins and outs of recording, programming, arranging and develop their studio and technology skills. Classes are either held as group sessions or on a one on one basis. Contact the production office for more details and how we can customize a program for your specific needs and interests!
Spyros provided audio production and live webcast mixes again this month for 1800Flowers.com "Town Hall Call Meeting for April." Mixed onsite were two live mic inputs from 1800 Flowers.com owners, founders & CEO/COO brothers Jim and Chris McCann. Featured this month and also mixed into the live feed were several clips from the 1800Flowers featured "Undercover Boss" show on CBS. The production was mixed by Spyros and fed back into the house system for the company employee’s onsite at corporate headquarters in Carle Place and simultaneously fed as video and audio across the country to every 1800remote location using Webex.

March 2010

John "The Cat" Gatto with artist Anne Regina are continuing production on their project with orchestrations and additional keyboard embellishments being added by Spyros. The track is sounding amazing and Anne's voice is equally amazing sounding with the only reference vocals recorded to date.

Spyros has been writing and submitting this month some contemporary oriented instrumental tracks for Access Hollywood and Inside Edition.

Production continues with collaboration on a hard rock volume of songs with Ethan Meixsell. The collection of material is instrumental and going to TV shows such as LA Ink, as well as many others being release on the Beach Street Music label.

Singer songwriter Stefanie K. is back in the studio on production with a batch of new material. Stefanie and Spyros are passing production files back and forth now with Stefanie doing more pre-production and vocal sketches at her new home studio!!! Thanks to Stefanie for having us here at Logic Music Inc's studio design installation department put in her new recording and production system. This is a new way to work for Stefanie and it's expanding productivity and economizing on studio time. This is making it possible for her to have more songs in production than affordable in the past. Not much of an investment for her new gear even with the system design and installation, but big on return!

Bollywood in the house at Logic Music Inc. Film composer Noelle Ventresca brought in a song for the independent film "The Uncaptured Passion" from Production Companies Entertainment Creation and Paper Weight Entertainment, Kolkata India. The song is to be used in the body of the film in a montage sequence and also in the closing credits. Spyros handled production and recording of the vocals, some additional arranging and has generated and delivered final mastered mixes to the production company in India for inclusion in the film. Congrats to Noelle for landing this film scoring gig! The movie is to be entered this month into the Cannes Film Festival and we wish Noelle best of luck with her contributions in this film production!

Spyros provided audio production and live webcast mixes this month for 1-800-Flowers.com "Town Hall Call Meeting for March." Mixed onsite were two live mic inputs from in house speakers, additional inputs from the teleconferencing audio bridge with six quest speakers in presentation and Q&A, a live audio feed from several multi media presentations and a live video feed of the entire meeting. The production was mixed and fed back into the house system for the company employees onsite at corporate headquarters in Carle Place and simultaneously fed across the country to every 1-800-remote location using Webex.

Spyros was in session and did some more Hammond Organ overdubs at Tiki Recording Studios for singer songwriter Joe James this month. Tiki's Fred Guarino engineered the sessions, also on the session were Mark Newman playing acoustic and electric guitars and some kick-ass Dobro parts. Joe's songs are always rootsy, bluesy, and deeply soulful which make playing on them always a pleasure. It was a real treat for all of us to have Mark on this session this time too. Joe, keep rockin, we love your songs and your delivery!

Frank Verdi is in this month and moving forward on an ongoing basis using Logic Music Educational facilities. We have devised a custom program for Frank who is studying programming and arranging with Spyros. We are designing a personal study and instructional course for Frank who over weekly lessons will be producing his own contemporary jazz compositions here and at his home studio.

In addition Frank, a fine piano tuner, rebuilder and piano dealer tuned up Logic Music's beautiful Yamaha U1F acoustic piano. Nice job Frank! Great ears make for a great tuning job! You play your ass of too!! Frank also specializes in buying, servicing and trading quality orchestral string instruments. If anyone is looking for that special deal on a violin, viola or cello, contact us and we will put you in touch with Frank for your piano or string instrument needs!

February 2010

John "The Cat" Gatto and artist Anne Regina have been in the Logic Music Studio producing a duet single with Spyros providing the programming and arranging. The song is written by Randy Goodrum of Steve Perry fame ("Oh Sherrie" and "Foolish Heart").

Spyros has contributed as engineer this month on yet another solo album with Al Di Meola and co producer Hernan Romero. Al's on tour now and will resume the yet to be named album in a few months.

January 2010

Producer Rose Gunter is brining in her star student and artist Dimitria Parisis next week for a production meeting. Dimitria wants the George Dalaras treatment on her Greek/American versions of her original material. Rose and Dimitria are coming in to Logic Music with music director, guitar extraordinaire Mick Gafney.

Spyros Poulos will be a guest speaker this month for the students at Mercy College for the "Music Industry and Technology" course taught by professor Robert Porembski.

Spyros continues to write background music cues this month for Beach Street Music and is contributing to the catalog going out to CBS "48 Hours Mystery," as well as many other shows.

Spyros and Ethan Meixsell are co-writing, producing and recording together another album and collection of heavy metal, hard rock instrumental guitar music to be released on the Beach Street Music label for use on TV. Prior material released in this genre by Spyros and Ethan has seen plays on Kat Von D's "LA Ink" as well as on MTV and Teen Kids News.

December 2009

Spyros produced a remix for England's 18 year-old star sensation Pixie Lott and songwriter producer Peter Zizzo. Congrats to Peter for yet another smash record on Universal and congrats to Pixie for her 3 nominations for the 2010 Brit Awards. Looking forward to the US release later this year. If you have not yet heard of Pixie Lott, you will soon!

On a side note Spyros wants to congratulate Ethan Meixsell on his solo release of "Pathos and Logos." Ethan's solo record was 5 years in the making, and Logic Music wants to wish him well with this spectacular project. Spyros is proud and honored to have contributed production, engineering and mixing on this musical gem.

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Ozzie Melendez

(The Funk Philharmonic musical director, Paul Simon, Marc Anthony, Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Stevie Wonder)

Spyros is a very talented producer/musician whose attention to detail makes every project he is involved with a winner!

Tania Nemaric
Senior Manager, Marketing, Planning & Strategy at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM

Spyros has been a great partner of ours for both internal and external audio/recording and production needs. His positive attitude and industry knowledge makes him a great resource for our company. If Spyros is working on a project, you can trust to receive exceptional service and good value.

Fred Guarino
Tiki Recording Studios Inc.

Spyros is a highly motivated professional who is entirely immersed in every project he produces. He goes way beyond the call of duty bringing a wealth of knowledge and talent. You can always count on his unique skills and his work ethic to make your project a success.

Ethan Meixsell
(M3 Music, Rob Balducci, Martin Scorcese, Mel Bay Publishing, LA Ink, Dateline NBC, Carl Roa, The Scoldees)

Spyros has the rare gift of being able to hear the final product in his head at every stage of production. His work ethic, attention to detail and vast experience elevate every project he works on.
We have worked together on a multitude of projects in every conceivable style of music and Spyros has risen to every task with utmost professionalism. He is especially good at finding the glue that advances a composition from a sketch into a fully developed production. His ability to apply sound and sample libraries musically and tastefully is unmatched in my opinion. Combined with the comfortable environment of Logic Music and Spyros's excellent studio manner, the recording experience is a joy.

Mark Newman
(Tao Jones, Sam Moore, Sam The Sham, Willie DeVille, Kathy Troccoli)

Spyros is a total pro as a producer, arranger, and recording engineer. His ears are exceptional. He's also a tremendous asset in the live setting on piano and keyboards as he instinctively plays the "right parts" and has a great dynamic sense.

Jerry Weimer
Jazz Musician/Composer/Recording Artist/Educator

Working with Spyros was truly a pleasure. He took immediate interest in my project, exploring all my options for recording and providing examples from his extensive music collection. I knew from the start that Spyros was a part of my team, not simply an engineer.
Spyros's professionalism and tireless preparation led to a stress-free and efficient recording session. He created a calm and friendly working environment, allowing the band all the necessary time and space to deliver a stellar performance. He answered all my questions throughout the recording process, and showed me the utmost respect and courtesy.
Spyros is a peerless mixing engineer. His attention to detail is extraordinary, and his final product expresses his clients' work at its absolute best. He analyzes every sound and phrase, editing for sonic and artistic quality. I knew that no matter what I played, Spyros would make sure it was perfect.
Spyros Poulos is an artist and a gentleman. I look forward to working with him again.

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