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Our Services
Our staff and facilities offer a very diverse range of services. This is a result of our varied working experiences and has led to this broad scope of servicing the music, audio, entertainment, advertising & broadcast industries. Logic Music serves in many ways, as a technical and creative liaison anywhere from the initial concept to the final product.

Wonderful technological advances and not so wonderful economic considerations have led to many changes and "downscaled" and "do it yourself" landscapes. We clearly recognize these blessing and challenges and have responded in many ways, making key contributions, placing final touches, producing in entirety and on select aspects of projects for many old and new artists and clients. In addition, we now offer through our newly expanded educational and design services on how to utilize these ever-changing tools available. However, nothing replaces experience when your end product is at stake. As our industries continue to evolve, we are here for any phase and facet of your music and audio productions and to assist, educate, facilitate, help and guide.
- Spyros Poulos, Owner, Logic Music Inc.

Producing & Arranging

Whether you are in need of an entire album produced, with musicians hired, rehearsed and recorded or charts and arrangements written, or just a single song or demo arranged, programmed, orchestrated, recorded and mixed Logic Music Inc. can coordinate and facilitate your needs. A musical arrangement can be produced and recorded with expertise from your existing songs or we can collaborate to expand upon your ideas and help bring your artistic vision to life.

Using any combination of live players, programming and sequencing, cutting edge sound-design, the highest quality sampled instruments; vintage synthesizers and keyboards or company referred top industry studio musicians, no musical task or style is out of reach for our production capabilities.

What we do is take your concepts and direction and facilitate them for you and with you in the realization of your artistic visions in recorded form. We act as a catalyst from the seeds of your ideas and then facilitate and assist you through the recording and production process. We bring your talents and visions to fruition and in focus in a marketable, produced and recorded form. We will inspire and push you to musical and artistic heights that you may not have been able to reach on your own. This has been the case with volumes of performers, singer songwriters and instrumentalists in our many years producing projects.

Often it's that outside objective and removed perspective an artist seeks that is offered here and provided to the artist with the utmost respect. When the artist finds that trust, the magic of collaboration occurs, and the outcome exponentially expands significantly past the power of one. That sense of security and trust for artists and performers has been found and offered up with results generated time and time again within Logic Music Inc., it's staff and facilities.

The details of your project can and will be tailored to your creative needs and budget as hundreds of previous clients, established recording artists and up and coming talent and song writers have done here before. Logic Music Inc. can produce results.

Please contact the Logic Music production office to discuss the details of your project and audio needs.

Audio Engineering, Recording, Editing, Mastering & Mixing

We have recorded with expertise countless styles of music, vocalists, ensembles and instrumentation imaginable and will apply that experience to your projects specific needs. Whether in our own production and recording facility, remote location, performance space or outside large studio environment Logic Music can record anything thrown at us with the intimate detail that only years of experience can supply. We have generated master quality final mixes from our own in-house recorded projects or can mix and master your recorded elements like we have done before for Grammy Awarded artists. Two to 96 plus tracks can be processed, edited, mixed and mastered with our HD systems, classic analog outboard gear and the best digital plug-ins available.

From our professional history we have and use the talent, knowledge and experience needed to get the most possible out of your recordings. Our creative attention to detail and seasoned professionalism will put forth in true master quality final mixes comparable to the highest level of industry standards obtainable.

Have your basic tracks been recorded already but you need an affordable, intimate but state of the art facility for the vocals, overdubs or mixing? Any overdubs at all can be recorded in our acoustically designed studios. Logic Music can also edit, fix, enhance and process your tracks with seasoned ease and abilities. Our signal path and acoustic spaces clearly rival top multi million dollar large format commercial recording studios in sonic quality. Recording and mixing at home sounds like it often enough and a large studio can be very cost prohibitive. Logic Music offers the perfect solution with no compromises in recording quality, editing and mixing yet offering the benefits of top industry engineering, production, recording talent and gear at affordable and flexible rate structures.

Please contact the Logic Music production office to discuss the details of your project and audio needs.

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Keyboardist & Musical Director

Logic Music Inc.'s founder Spyros is a classically and jazz trained pianist who maintains a career as a studio musician and live performer in an extremely diverse setting of musical scenarios. Possessing a traditional schooled classical and jazz background he has come through the ranks as a working multi-keyboardist playing rock, pop, top 40, R&B, blues and jazz with an immense roster of musical artists as his credentials show. Stylistically his musical vocabulary comes from a background of roots classic rock & roll, jazz, blues and progressive and contemporary musical origins.

Over the years of professional development his experiences led to arranging and directing for recording artists, songwriters, bands and ultimately into writing and producing. However, Spyros still works regularly simply as a keyboardist when called upon and contributes to outside productions with piano tracks, Hammond organ, contemporary keyboards and sound design.

Spyros has an extensive background in performance and directing with national touring credits and television performances as a multi-keyboardist and musical director.

Please contact Spyros to discuss your musical and piano/keyboard needs for your project.

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Composing, Scoring to Picture and Sound Design

When it comes to painting picture with sound, supporting, conveying and implying emotional content and lending aural support to visual content the creation of sound to picture is an intuitive process for Spyros and company. Using musical insight, an extensive background and broad experience, this process is a natural environment for Logic Music's primary composer Spyros Poulos. This mixed with a true knowledge of digital technologies, a masterful keyboard and arranging toolset and musical instinct creating underscore and textures with composition and sound design is where owner Spyros Poulos has shined professionally for the past 15 years. Armed with a production staff of musicians, copyists, arrangers and engineers, we are engaging in producing music for film, television, websites, company videos and movie and book trailers as we expand our production base.

Let us support your visuals with sonic mastery and properly underscore and support the story with the subtleties or dramatic impact of a well-executed and conceived score, video soundtrack, aural atmosphere, music bed or sonic logo.

Please contact us to arrange auditioning pre-existing music from our extensive library or to discuss providing original custom score, themes or musical logos.

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Corporate Audio Production, Postproduction, Editing, Mixing and Mastering

Does your company or advertising agency have a script that needs to be produced into a "ready for broadcast" radio spot, soundtrack for TV commercial, Web based advertisement or promo? Looking for an in-house corporate presentation, audio for instructional video produced? Need sound effects, sound design, audio sweetening and mixing? Need talent casting and dialog or voice-overs produced, recorded, edited, assembled and mixed? Do you have an on-site or on-location production or shoot that needs audio mixing or recording with or without equipment rental?

Logic Music Inc. and our expert staff have produced all of the above for many clients, production companies and advertising agencies. Please contact us to get a stellar, dynamic presentation with an unrivaled impact that your product or company deserve at extremely competitive rates. NYC quality audio production just outside of town without the NYC overhead gives you quality production at a fraction of the "in town" cost.

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Recording Studio and Audio/Production Systems Consulting & Design

Spyros and Logic Music is known in the industry as specialists with all keyboards, musical instruments, MIDI, computers, recording and music & audio related recording, production and performance technologies. We will design and install custom production systems for your specific studio or stage needs.

While engaged in recording session work with pop artist Debbie Gibson and jazz guitar legend Al Di Meola, as well as many others, Spyros organized, designed and installed MIDI production rigs, computer recording systems, recording and production environments and in Al Di Meola's case an in-home full scale recording facility. Spyros has designed systems for Grammy winning producer Ric Wake and managed the installation of The Dream Factory, mid-town NYC Recording Studio with famed studio designer Frank Comentale. Spyros' affiliation with TIKI Recording Studios and Richie Cannata's Cove City Sound Studios have lead to each having Logic Music Inc. designs and installations incorporated into their facilities. Spyros has designed studio and stage systems and consulted for many bands, companies, artists, recording facilities, and home and project studios.

Please contact us and we will discuss and plan to accommodate your production, recording, performing and audio system needs.

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Educational Courses and Music Production and Technology Training, Clinic & Seminars

Custom production and technology courses and private instruction are now available. We offer arranging, sequencing and recording courses in private or group sessions and are currently taking on students seeking to expand their knowledge and experience in these areas. Logic Music is expanding its educational aspects and staff this year and offering instruction in recording and production, sequencing & programming and arranging, piano and contemporary keyboards, guitar, bass, vocals, performance coaching and music theory.

A clinic and seminar program is being developed in conjunction with M3 Music and a traveling ensemble will be touring and demonstrating in the major retail chains as well as at industry trade shows in 2010 and 2011. The context is progressive instrumental music and music technologies.

Please contact us and we will explain what we can offer and plan a custom educational program designed for your specific needs.

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Jeff Franzel
('N Sync, Taylor Dayne, Clay Aiken, Frank Sinatra, The Temptations, Shawn Colvin)

I have known Spyros for the last 20 years and he's a very proficient producer in many different styles. I actually met him in LA when he was featured on The Jay Leno Show as musical director for Geffen Records artist Kathy Troccoli.
He is also a very good piano player and has had a lot of experience performing in all venues. He is also excellent at mixing, engineering, arranging for artists as well as a composer for very successful music libraries. He has had a lot of experience in corporate production work, as well as writing and producing jingles and records.
I've recently had my songs recorded by Josh Groban, Placido Domingo, Push Play, Shawn Colvin and have hits all over the world. Spyros has arranged some of my songs and I know that at any given situation he has the skills to deliver.
I highly recommend Spyros, and on top of it, he's a wonderful person to work with.
- Jeff Franzel
(Kathy Troccoli on The Jay Leno Show)

Richie Cannata
Musician/Producer/Studio Owner
(Billy Joel, The Beach Boys, Cove City Sound Studios)

For so many years, I have trusted and worked with Spyros on many major projects. His production skills and musical participation is priceless.

Dan Brotman
Editor-In-Chief, FutureMusic

Spyros Poulos is one of the best product demonstrators I've ever witnessed at a trade show. As a product specialist for Fatar keyboard MIDI controllers, he was able to effortlessly showcase the feature set in an efficient, concise manner that spoke to the most experienced players, while not alienating the first time user.
Sypros was also able to get his arms around a brand new product in short order. This enabled him to quickly discover how to play up the attributes that a manufacturer intended for a specific market to maximize sales.
Spyros has a unique skill set as a working musician, producer and engineer that he is able to leverage to connect with his audience. He is one of the only experienced demonstrators today that is able to customize his presentation to the audience instead of delivering a canned, cookie-cutter showcase tailored to the lowest-common-denominator.
I have absolutely no reservations in recommending Spyros Poulos of Logic Music fame to any manufacturer who wants to become more profitable.

Deena Miller
(Meatloaf, Norah Jones, Billy Joel, Donna Summer)

Spyros is an absolute GEM to work for. His talent, knowledge, patience, attention to detail and extreme kindness has made every project not only successful, but extremely pleasurable. I consider myself very fortunate to have him in my corner!

Stefanie K
Singer/BMI Published Songwriter/Artist

A few words that come to mind regarding working with Spyros are: brilliance, patience and fortitude. I love working with Spyros and I think he is a brilliant producer. I have always gotten amazing productions and radio friendly arrangements and great mixes working with him in his company's studios. He has tremendous patience and honesty. His constructive criticism is always spot on and pushes me to be the best writer and performer I can be...

John "The Cat" Gatto
(The Good Rats, Cat Track Productions)

I have been involved in the music business for over 38 years being very fortunate to be signed to Warner Brothers and Arista Records. I met Spyros about 20 years ago on a recording session together and we immediately got along great, not just as new friends, but interpreting music with the same passion and understanding. In the early 90's Spyros and I toured the US west coast together with a band called The Prowlers, those were great times and great music. Spyros is by all accounts an accomplished keyboardist and his arranging, programming and engineering is tops in the business! You will never be unsatisfied!

Vicki Spencer
Singer, Actress, Performer

Several years ago I had the wonderful experience of working with Logic Music Inc. and Spyros Poulos. My very talented daughter, Jamie Perlow and I were shopping for a special producer that would help her develop her abilities as a songwriter and a song interpreter. We were told that Spyros was the man for us. We called upon Spyros and Logic Music Inc. and he arranged everything for us (hotels, food, etc. he even invited us to his home to eat), we planned a trip to New York with no original material at the time but knew we wanted to engage in a recording project with him. Spyros called in a few favors and got us some of the best songwriters ever to contribute material along with some "a" list awesome studio musicians that we would never have been able to afford if not for them being friends of Spyros. It was the perfect combination of vocalist, songs, musicians and the best producer! If you need a great, quality production of any kind at a reasonable price, I highly recommend Spyros Poulos. He will stop at nothing to get you what you asked and paid for. I have been in the business many years and have been in several movies and involved in many recordings so I know a good producer when I see one, and after all I was doing this for my Daughter so only the best would do! If you are smart, and reading this, stop, and call Spyros, he is the man!

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